Valutare l’impatto delle politiche del lavoro. L’introduzione del lavoro interinale in Italia

Un articolo di Cristina Tajani pubblicato sull’ultimo numero della Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche, n. 2/2008, ed. Il Mulino.
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Abstract dell’articolo in inglese:
This article focuses on the impact on employment of temporary work’s introduction to Italy using the quantitative tools of impact analysis. During the last ten years, Italy registered a high growth in employment without, in a few years, a significant economic growth. Many analysts indicate the introduction of flexible jobs as the cause of employment growth. However, few researchers have established a causal relationship between labour market flexibility and positive employment trends through a counterfactual framework. The paper presents a counterfactual model to estimate the effect on employment of introducing temporary work in 1997.